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Photo Gallery
The photos below will allow you to see some of the issues our certified Thermographer finds
Cold air infiltrating behind the mantel from settlement differences between the fireplace and structure
Moisture penetration in exterior of an apartment building wall
Cable connection to the structure - leaking to interior ceiling
Missing ceiling insulation or air infiltration in these cavities
Exterior wall on second floor - covered porch attic on other side of the wall.  Wall temp is 45 degrees at blue area.
Door threshold or sweep not properly adjusted or damaged allowing air infiltration.
Prefab fireplaces with elevated exterior surrounds and openings around the gas supply line provide easy pathways for air infiltration.

These are difficult to insulation properly and safely and need to be insulated properly at installation.

The opening can be sealed with high heat sealant by a qualified contractor.  Mill-pak high temperature sealant is one method.
Cantilevered floor on second story - not properly insulated - Temperature is 29 degrees inside
Improperly insulated can light over kitchen sink  - Temperature at light in the low 30's.
Roof leak over garage ceiling.