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for what infrared can see.

That is missing insulation in a
shower stall
Inspector with too much time on his hands
Active termite colony
Heated outlet without anything plugged into it
Leaky wax ring on toilet...
no visible evidence
Hornets nest visible from the interior
Never have to shovel your driveway with heated plumbing under it
Cold air in living room wall cavity.  Caused by opening in exterior
brick wall from top to bottom.
Cavity in lower level wall.  The occupant complained they got ill when using the treadmill. Possible mold growth behind wall.  This area turned out to be very high in moisture not visible without an infrared camera.  The dishwasher was leaking upstairs.
Stucco cracked below windows. Possible leaking behind the stucco.
Possible insulation issue over second story window
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Insulation missing in cavity
Insulation missing or opening on fixed window
Ceiling insulation missing
By changing settings on our advanced software we can view the image in different pallettes to enhance the view or for our presentation to the client.  As you can see on the right side the view didn't turn to color until the temperature of the surface raised above 35 degrees.
Just one of the many options.  In this picture the tv cable bundle strap and fastener worked loose and moisture was seeping into the structure.
You might think the fireplace is cold due to the open flue or air coming in around the fireplace doors.  With the infrared it was determined that the air was also coming in from behind the mantel. The settlement of the house and fireplace in this 29 year old house happened at different rates and a gap has formed.  The air was infiltrating from the open wall cavity behind the mantel. 
My dog Brutus and his cold nose