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Do your energy costs concern you?
I'm assuming they are as you have selected this page.   Patch Independent Home Inspections offer a number of options to help with your issues.  

We have partnered with CMC Energy Service and the Home Energy Tune-uP® to provide a comprehensive Energy Survey.  or

We offer specific issue investigation to assist in reducing your energy usage.


Specific Issue investigation
Many homeowners are concerned about energy costs, cold rooms, drafts and/or insulation issues.  Each home will most likely have a different scenario. 

Our inspector will work with the homeowner to determine a scope for the inspection by discussing contributing factors and use working knowledge of buildings, insulation, weather stripping, venting and experience to help create a plan to solve the issue. 
Missing ceiling insulation. Ceiling required painting much more often than expected.
You might think the fireplace is cold due to the open flue or air coming in around the fireplace doors.  With the infrared it was determined that the air was also coming in from behind the mantel. The settlement of the house and fireplace in this 29 year old house happened at different rates and a gap has formed.  The air was infiltrating from the open wall cavity behind the mantel. See white arrow
You can't correct - what you don't detect